The Countryside of Northern Vietnam

Photos Taken by Edwin E. Moise, Vietnam, 1986 and 1989

I: The Red River Delta, 1986

Brick manufacturing, in very open countryside.

People digging blocks of clay out of rice field beside the Hanoi-Haiphong road.

Beds of rice seedlings.

II: South of the Red River Delta, 1989

Road, rice fields, village, karst.

Rice fields, karst.

Small boats with sails, on a river.

Between the Red River Delta and Thanh Hoa province, there are some pretty rough (though not tremendously high) mountains

Rice fields; mountains in background.

Rice fields, damaged by storm.

The peasants along Highway 1 used the road as a threshing device. After they cut the rice stalks, they would pile them in the middle of the road, and the tires of passing vehicles would pound the rice grains off the stalks. Then they swept the grains to the edge of the road, where stalks could be raked out of the grain.


After a while, my driver got quite annoyed at all the peasants in the road, rearranging the rice stalks.

Rice stalks completely covering the pavement.

Riding a water buffalo.

Harvesting rice.

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