Vietnam Photos: Weapons, etc., Part 2

All Photos but One Taken by Edwin E. Moise, Vietnam, 1986 and 1989

Armored personnel carrier.

.50 caliber (or closely similar size) machinegun, in Army Museum, Hanoi.

37mm antiaircraft gun without shield.

Antiaircraft guns. Left: 100mm. Right: 57mm.

Clearer view of the same 100mm antiaircraft gun.

Mobile radar.


Surface-to-air missile, Soviet-made. I believe this is a Dvina, which Americans usually called the SA-2 or SAM-2.

Map of Ho Chi Minh Trail in Army Museum, Hanoi.

Photo of truck on Ho Chi Minh Trail, in Army Museum, Hanoi.

Tank #843, in Army Museum, Hanoi. A Soviet-made T-54, this was the first tank to break through the gate of the Presidential Palace in Saigon, on the morning of April 30, 1975.

Tank #985 in Army Museum, Hanoi.

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