Hanoi: Shops and Markets, 1989

Photos Taken by Edwin E. Moise, Vietnam, 1989

Clothing shops.

Posters for sale, including Jesus, Farrah Fawcett, and Rambo. My impression was that few Vietnamese were aware that the Rambo posters (which were fairly common) were from a movie in which Rambo had been conducting a commando raid into Vietnam.

Vegetables on sale in street markets.

Basket of small crabs, live, on sale in street market. They were continuously trying to escape from the basket, and a young boy was continuously alert to block their escape attempts.

Dried fish on sale in market.

In the Hanoi market, the women running the stalls were embarrassed at the idea of letting me photograph them, but they thought it tremendous fun to use me as a joke on their neighbors, pointing the the women in adjoining stalls and saying what was clearly something on the order of "Photograph her! Photograph her!" Finally this young woman's friends persuaded her to allow me to photograph her.

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