Hanoi Scenes, 1989

Photos Taken by Edwin E. Moise, Vietnam, 1989

At almost all Hanoi intersections traffic flowed freely, not to say anarchically, but at this one, near the southeast end of the Lake of the Redeemed Sword, traffic was being controlled.

A park along the shore of the lake. Someone in the kiosk (or possibly another similar kiosk in the same park--I think there was more than one, and I can't be sure which one I photographed) was playing "Super Mario Brothers" on what must have been one of the first video game machines in Hanoi.

This train was passing rather slowly through the railroad crossing. People were climbing on and off the train while it was in motion.

A cart pulled by a cow.

Bulky cargo on a pedicab.

I frequently saw young men playing a game on the sidewalks that was a cross between badminton and hacky-sack. The bird resembled that used in badminton, but it was hit with the feet, rather than with rackets.

Young men who didn't have a net could play this game across a pair of bicycles.

The national bank. The night before this photo was taken, there had been a concert in the square in front of the bank. I had been rather startled to see a female lead singer, in tight black pants, belting out rock lyrics into a microphone on the steps directly under the photo of Ho Chi Minh.

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