Vietnam War Bibliography:

State Department and AID Publications

Department of State Bulletin. This weekly bulletin contains public statements by the Secretary of State and other U.S. government figures, and other documents and policy statements. It is available online through if you are browsing through an institution that has paid the subscription fee.

Foreign Relations of the United States. Massive collections of documents, indexed, supposed to be published by the State Department about thirty years after the events, though recently they have been falling behind that schedule.
S 1.1:

David C. Geyer and Douglas E. Selvage, eds., Soviet-American Relations: The Detente Years, 1969-1972. Washington, D.C.: Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State / GPO, 2007. 1075 pp. Foreword by Henry A. Kissinger. A collection combining American and Soviet documents.
S 1.2:SO 8/15

American Foreign Policy: Current Documents. U.S. State Department, Historial Office, Bureau of Public Affairs. These annual volumes do not consist only--sometimes not even primarily--of American documents. Items issued by the United Nations, SEATO, Asian governments, and even the National Liberation Front are included. The volumes are available online through Hathi Trust.

U.S. Department of State Electronic Reading Room: Declassified/Released Document Collections. The Department of State has made available online several very large collections of documents that were not originally open to the public. The ones relevant to the Vietnam War include:

Press Conferences and other public speeches of the secretaries of state. Texts of a number of these have been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University.

I. Milton Sacks, Political Alignments of Vietnamese Nationalists. Washington, D.C.: Office of Intelligence Research, U.S. Department of State, 1949. vii, 176 pp. A history of Vietnamese political groups, using a rather broad definition of "nationalism." The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in four parts: pp. i-vii, 1-41 (p. 42 missing);   pp. 43-92;   pp. 93-138, and charts; and pp. 139-176 (footnotes, index of names, chronology, bibliography).

Viet Minh Receiving Increased Shipments of Arms from Red China. 1950.
S 1.77/2:950/629

Indochina: The War in Southeast Asia. Office of Public Affairs, Department of State, October 1951. 11 pp. Far Eastern Series, no. 50. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University.

Benjamin Bock and Cora H. Feld, with the assistance of Helene L. De Long, United States Policy and Diplomacy Regarding Vietnam, July 1954-September 1956. Research Project No. 756. Historical Studies Division, Historical Office, Bureau of Public Affairs, Department of State, June 1971. vii, 226 pp. A detailed and heavily documented account, declassified in 1997. The text (missing a few pages) has been placed at a State Department web site, in two parts: Front matter and pp. 1-110 and pp. 112-226.

A Threat to the Peace: North Vietnam's Effort to Conquer South Viet-Nam (released December 8, 1961; often called the first Vietnam White Paper, occasionally the Jorden Report). Department of State Publication 7308. Part I: vi, 53 pp. Part II--The Appendices. iii, 102 pp.
S 1.38:110/pt.1, 2
The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in five parts: Part I: Front matter and pp. 1-23, pp. 24-53.   Part II--The Appendices: Front matter and pp. 1-32, pp. 33-68, pp. 69-102.

Viet-Nam: The Struggle for Freedom. Department of State Publication 7724, Far Eastern Series 127. August 1964. 31 pp. plus considerable unpaginated front matter. Questions and answers about the situation and U.S. policy; interesting for the not particularly veiled threat that there might be additional attacks on North Vietnam, beyond the ones that had just occurred August 5, 1964 (Question #28, p. 25). The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University.

Aggression from the North: The Record of North Viet-Nam's Campaign to Conquer South Vietnam (generally known as the second Vietnam White Paper). Department of State publication 7839, issued 26 or 27 February 1965, later reprinted as House Document no. 136, 89th Congress, 1st Session. It has been suggested that the centerpiece of the evidence for this white paper (the capture on February 16, 1965 of an infiltration vessel delivering munitions to PLAF forces in South Vietnam) had been faked by the CIA, but these suspicions are unfounded; the capture was genuine.
S 1.38:130
The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in two parts: Main Text and Appendices.

Working Paper on the North Vietnamese Role in the War in South Vietnam. Mimeographed, 1968. Part or all of this important collection has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University.

Surplus Property: Disposal of Excess Military Property in Viet-Nam, Agreement between the United States and Viet-Nam, effected by exchange of notes signed Saigon Nov. 9, 1968.  ii, 5 pp.
S 9.10:6586

Who's Who in North Vietnam. Washington, D.C.: Office of External Research, U.S. Department of State, 1972. xxiv, 324 p. (Not a lot of words per page, so the amount of information is not as great as the page count would lead one to expect.) The Center for Research Libraries, in Chicago, has this, call number E-4137 (paper) and MF-1892 (negative microfilm).

Act of the International Conference on Viet-nam between the United States of America and Other Governments. Signed at Paris March 2, 1973. Washington: GPO, 1973. 37 pp.
S 9.10:7568

Viet-nam Information Notes was a series of pamphlets issued by the Office of Media Services, Bureau of Public Affairs, Department of State; these pamphlets were frequently re-issued in revised versions. The series was a subset of a broader series including pamphlets on other parts of Asia. SuDoc numbers were based on the position of an item in the broader series, and on how many times it has been revised. Thus the first example listed below is the fifth revision of the pamphlet that was #1 in Viet-nam Information Notes but #155 in the broader series:

The Agency for International Development (AID)

Robert H. Stroup, Rural Income and Expenditure Sample Survey of Vietnam, Initial Report, July 1967 (AID/fe-257). 396 pp.
S 18.2:V 67/6

A large number of AID publications and documents have been placed online in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.


Many declassified State Department documents have been published on microfilm. See Microfilmed and CD-ROM Document Collections.


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