Vietnam War Bibliography

Note to the Reader

This is primarily a bibliography of books, but a moderate number of articles are listed. I have made a special effort to list articles for which the full texts are available online.

The most important thing to remember, when using this bibliography, is that many books deal with more than one aspect of the Vietnam War, but few are listed in more than one section of this bibliography. I have tried to do the best I could. In some cases I have listed an item in more than one section, but usually I have either listed it only under the section for what I thought was its main topic, or listed it under "miscellaneous."

There are many books listed here that I have not actually read; surely in some cases I must have misunderstood what the book was about, and put it in a completely inappropriate category. So be imaginative about which categories to check, and don't forget to look under "Miscellaneous."

U.S. government publications are listed separately. There are many subjects for which you will find relevant materials somewhere in the rather long list of congressional committee hearings. In some categories under general (non-government) publications, I have included a link at the end to a related section under government publications.

The number of items that can be found on the Internet, in full, has been increasing. I have tried to give the direct link in such cases. Superscript numbers in red, like this14 in the table of contents, indicate the number of items in a particular section to which I have been able to give a link to the full text, available online.

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I hope that you will find something of use to you here. Good Luck!

Ed Moïse

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