Vietnam War Bibliography:

U.S. Navy Publications

The United States Navy and the Vietnam Conflict.

Edward J. Marolda and G. Wesley Pryce, III, A Short History of the United States Navy and the Southeast Asian Conflict, 1950-1975. Washington: Naval Historical Center, 1984. ix, 131 pp.

Edward J. Marolda, By Sea, Air and Land: An Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy and the War in Southeast Asia. Washington: Naval Historical Center, 1994. xvi, 416 pp. The full text is online at Hathi Trust.
D 221.2:SE 1

The U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War.

All Hands. "The Bureau of Naval Personnel Career Publication.

Boats of the United States Navy. Navships 250-452, May 1967. Pages are not numbered; boats are listed in order of length, with inflatable boats treated separately at the end, and an index by type in the front matter. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in six parts, from front matter and boats from 9' to 26' long, to boats 72' to 115' long, and inflatable boats.

Colloquium in Contemporary History. The Naval Historical Center hosted conferences under this title irregularly between 1989 and 1998. All of the transcripts have been placed online; some were also published in hard copy.

Commander Anthony R. DeMarco, Oral Histories: Navy Combat Field Historian in Vietnam, 1967-68. Some discussion of DeMarco's time observing PBRs, the Seawolves, the Mobile Riverine Force, etc., in the Mekong Delta.

Roy E. Grossnick et al., United States Naval Aviation, 1910-1995, 4th ed. Washington: Naval Historical Center, 1997. xxii, 811 pp. Part 9: The Sixth Decade, 1960-1969 (pp. 235-276); Part 10: The Seventies, 1970-1980 (pp. 279-330); Appendix 26: Carrier, Carrier Based Squadrons and Non-Carrier Based Squadron Deployments to Vietnam (pp. 705-736).
D 221.2:AV 5

Vice Admiral Edwin B. Hooper, Mobility, Support, Endurance: A Story of Naval Operational Logistics in the Vietnam War, 1965-1968. Washington, DC: Naval History Division, Department of the Navy, 1972. xviii, 278 pp. (Online at Hathi Trust).
D 207.10/2:L 82

Lieutenant Commander Bobbi Hovis, Oral Histories: U.S. Navy Nurse in Saigon, 1963, During Vietnam Conflict. Adapted from "Coup in Saigon: A Nurse Remembers" Navy Medicine 88, no. 6 (Nov.-Dec. 1977), pp. 16-21.

Edward Marolda, ed., Operation End Sweep: A History of Minesweeping Operations in North Vietnam. 1993. 143 pp.
D 201.2:Op 2

Mine Warfare Project Office (PM-19), The Mining of North Vietnam, 8 May 1972 to 14 January 1973. (Washington?), 1975. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in three parts: Distribution cover letter, front matter, and chapters on background and planning;    most of the chapter "The Mining Operations";   and the remainder of the chapter "The Mining Operations," chapters on effectiveness and public reaction, etc. (includes discussion of damage to U.S. ships by stray mines).

Malcolm Muir, Jr., Black Shoes and Blue Water: Surface Warfare in the United States Navy, 1945-1975. Washington: GPO, 1996. 008-046-00163-3.

Naval Aviation News. Washington, DC: Navy Department. Publication apparently began in 1920. NOTE: shorter articles may not be mentioned in the table of contents just inside the cover of the magazine. Issues since late 1996 available online at Naval Aviation News.
D 202.9:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Command History, 1965-1974. n.p., n.d. vi, 903 pp. The full text has been placed online by the Operational Archives of the U.S. Navy's Naval Historical Center. An index (go to the bottom of the page) gives links both to the whole thing as a huge (231MB) .pdf file and to the individual chapters, some of which are pretty large files just by themselves. Chapter X, "Construction" (pp. 353-540) is particularly useful, since the Naval Facilities Engineering Command was responsible for construction of bases for all U.S. services in Southeast Asia, not just naval bases. The Vietnam section (which actually goes back to 1962) is pp. 380-432, Thailand is pp. 432-436, Cambodia and Laos are pp. 436-37.

Naval War College Review. Most Back Issues Available Online.

The Navy in Vietnam. Washington: GPO, 1968. 33 pp. Extensively illustrated. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University.

Operational Experience of Fast Battleships: World War II, Korea, Vietnam.
D 207.10/2:B 32/4 (fiche?)

Order of Battle for Carriers and Carrier-based Squadrons in the Western Pacific (WestPac) and Vietnam 1964-1975. Published online at Lists dates for each carrier, without distinguishing the time the carrier was in the immediate vicinity of Vietnam from the time the carrier was in other areas of the Western Pacific. Lists the aircraft squadrons (with aircraft type) aboard.

Riverine Warfare: The U.S. Navy's Operations on Inland Waters, rev. ed. Washington: Naval History Division, Navy Department, 1969. 59 pp. Pages 38-59 deal with the Vietnam War. Extensively illustrated. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University.

Seabees in Action, Vietnam. Pictorial report, 1968. 31 pp.
D 209.2:Se 1

John Darrell Sherwood, War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965–1968. Washington, D.C.: Naval History and Heritage Command, 2015. xviii, 425 pp.

Richard Tregaskis, Southeast Asia: Building the Bases, The History of Construction in Southeast Asia. Washington: GPO and Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 1975. xviii, 466 pp.
D 209.2:As 4

"Trial by Fire: A Carrier Fights for Life" A 1971 Navy documentary film about the diastrous fire aboard USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, that killed 134 men.


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