Nha Trang

Photos Taken by Robert D. Jester, 5th Special Forces Group, 1965

Sp5 Robert D. Jester arrived in Vietnam in November 1964 with the Signal Company, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), stationed at the Special Forces Operational Base at Nha Trang. The Headquarters of the 5th Special Forces Group was located in this base. During 1965, the Signal Company was redesignated Company E. The standard tour for the men who arrived with this unit was one year, November 1964 to November 1965, but Jester extended his time in Vietnam to March 1966.

Special Forces Operational Base, Nha Trang

The Headquarters of the 5th Special Forces Group. The signal company was in the building on the left. The gate through which local employees entered the base was outside the frame of this picture, to the left.

Same, zoomed. Note the luggage, belonging to men arriving at or departing from the base, in front of the headquarters building.


The orderly room of E Company. The man in the background is the First Sergeant, Gerald Poe.

The gate through which local employees entered the base

81mm mortar pit

Soldiers of the Signal Company in front of enlisted men's quarters. The caucasian, seen in profile facing to the left is Charlie Monk. There is a sandbagged .50-caliber machinegun position in the background, and the mountains inland of Nha Trang in the distance. Two Vietnamese who worked on the base are in the foreground.

Jester by the fence behind the barracks, 1966


The Town of Nha Trang

Street in town 18



B-57 Crash, Downtown Nha Trang

On August 6, 1965, a US Air Force B-57 Canberra bomber crashed in downtown Nha Trang. Jester took a number of photos of the damage done, and the cleanup.

An engineer involved in the cleanup

Men examining a 20mm cannon that had been part of the crashed aircraft

No. 15a: Equipment

Heavy vehicles in street


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