Final Exam, History 830, Communism in China

Due December 15

Answer THREE of these questions. Answers should be about 1,000 to 1,200 words each, really not over 1,500 words.

  1. The Communists used to talk a lot about class struggle. To what extent, and when, did this represent a rational approach to real issues in Chinese society? To what extent, and when, did it not?
  2. What was Chairman Mao trying to accomplish in the Cultural Revolution?
  3. Since Chairman Mao died, the level of inequality in Chinese society--the size of the gap between the more prosperous and less prosperous elements in society--has grown A LOT. To what extent should this be considered a good thing, and to what extent should it be considered a bad thing?
  4. How good or bad has village-level leadership been in China, since 1949? Base your answer on Houhua and Chen Village.
  5. How realistic or unrealistic has the United States been, in its understanding of Communist China, since 1949?