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U.S. Congress Documentation

Congressional Record. This is the actual record of what is said in Congress a day at a time, plus anything else (documents, magazine articles, editorials from home-town newspapers, etc.) that the Senators and Representatives choose to have added to the record. There is a yearly index to the Congressional Record, which makes one pretty thick volume for one year; it is on the shelves at the end of the volumes covering that year.

The version of the Congressional Record that is usually found on the shelves of libraries is in very large hardcover volumes. But it takes time to publish those. So there is also a version that has a separate softcover volume for each day's record; this can be published much more quickly. The two versions have very different page numbering systems. Page numbers in the daily softcover volumes are prefixed "S" for Senate or "H" for House of Representatives. In some of the cases listed below, I have been able to give links to the text, online in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.


The U.S. Senate Historical Office does oral histories, not only of senators, but also of staff members. Some of the oral histories are now becoming available, in full, on the web site of the Senate Oral History Project. Among those relevant to the Vietnam War are the oral histories of Carl M. Marcy (Chief of Staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1955-1973 except when on leave) and Pat M. Holt (who would be acting Chief of Staff when Marcy was on leave, and became the regular Chief of Staff at the beginning of 1974).


United States Statutes at Large contains the text of every piece of legislation that passes the Congress, is signed by the president, and becomes law. It has one or two fat volumes per year, and a pretty good subject index each year. You can read it online if you are browsing the Internet through an institution that has paid the subscription for HeinOnline. If you prefer to read a bound volume, I believe the ones in the Clemson Library have recently been moved from the non-circulating reference section (level 4) down to the bottom floor, call number
Ref KF50 .U5

Legislation on Foreign Relations through 1998. Joint committee print, House Committee on International Relations and Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1999. Volume I-A, containing current legislation and related executive orders on foreign assistance, over 800 pages total, is available in full, on-line, at a GPO web site. A number of the laws and executive orders dealing with Indochina passed during the war are in this, some because they were never repealed, other listed as having been repealed at such-and-such a date. The on-line version is computer searchable, and thus easier to use than a paper copy would be.

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