Vietnam War Bibliography:


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Chaplain (Lt. Col.) William G. Devanny, USA, "The Ecumenical Movement and the Military" Military Review, March 1967 (vol. XLVII, no. 3), pp. 28-34. Devanny was very worried about the anti-military attitude of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and other more or less pacifist religious organizations.

Faith DeVeaux, When Duty Calls. San Jose, California: Writer's Club Press (iUniverse), 2000. This is basically a collection of letters by African Methodist Episcopal chaplain John DeVeaux, Jr., to his family while he was in Vietnam. But his daughter, when publishing them, changed names and also added a fictional family crisis.

Joseph P. Dulany, Once a Soldier: A Chaplain's Story. (Self-published? 2002?) 203 pp. Two chapters are devoted to Dulany's two tours as a chaplain in Vietnam: 1967-68 based at Qui Nhon, and 1969-70 with the 2d Brigade of the 1st Cav.

J. Robert Falabella, Vietnam Memoirs: A Passage to Sorrow. New York: Pageant Press International, 1971. 154 pp. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2010. 136 pp. Falabella served a one-year tour, 1967-68, as a Catholic Chaplain with the 25th Infantry Division.

Larry Haworth, Tales of Thunder Run: The convoys, the noise, the ambushes... stories of QL 13, the Route 66 of Viet Nam. Eugene, Oregon: ACW Press, 2004. 190 pp. Haworth served two tours as a chaplain in Vietnam. This book says relatively little about the first, 1967-68, at Soc Trang with the 11th Combat Aviation Battalion. Mostly it is about his 1969-70 tour as a Captain with the 11th Armored Cavalry in III Corps.

"History of the Chaplains." Oral histories under this project were collected by the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. Copies were deposited in the Army's Military History Institute. Many of these have been placed online in the Chaplains Oral History Papers section of the Army Heritage Collection Online. It used to be possible to link directly to items in this collection, but those links no longer work. From the main page, click on Manuscripts/Archives > Browse > Browse ALL digital Documents by historical time period > Vietnam War (primarily 1964-1975) > Chaplains Oral History Papers.

Samuel W. Hopkins, Jr., A Chaplain Remembers Vietnam. Kansas City, Missouri: Truman, 2002. xii, 292 pp. Hopkins served as a chaplain with the 4/60 Artillery, a duster unit in II Corps, 1967-68. Many large photos.

James M. Hutchens, Beyond Combat. Chicago: Moody, 1968. 128 pp. Hutchens went to Vietnam as a chaplain with the 70th Engineer Battalion in August 1965, transferred to the 173d Airborne Brigade, was wounded in the battle on Hill 65, War Zone D, November 8, 1965.

James D. Johnson, Combat Chaplain: A Thirty-Year Vietnam Battle. Denton: University of North Texas Press, 2001. ix, 299 pp. Johnson arrived in Vietnam in mid 1967, and was assigned to the 3/60 Infantry (9th Division, Mobile Riverine Force) based at Dong Tam. For his last months in country (March-June 1968) he was at 9th Division HQ at Bear Cat.

Raymond Johnson, Postmark: Mekong Delta. Westwood, NJ: Revell, 1968. 96 pp. Letters written by a Navy chaplain who served in the Mekong Delta.

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Fr. Daniel L. Mode, The Grunt Padre: The Service & Sacrifice of Father Vincent Robert Capodanno, Vietnam 1966-1967. Oak Lawn, IL: CMJ Marian, 2000. 212 pp. Capodanno, the Navy chaplain of the 3/5 Marines (1st Marine Division), won the Medal of Honor for his death September 4, 1967, during Operation SWIFT in Quang Tin province. He has been proposed for canonization. The Marine Corps history volume by Telfer et. al. mistakenly spells his name Capadonno, Capodonna in places.

Claude D. Newby, It Took Heroes: A Chaplain's Story and Tribute to Combat Veterans and Those Who Waited for Them.  Bonneville Book, 1998.  2d rev. ed.  Bountiful, Utah: Tribute Enterprises, 2000.  xi, 231 pp.  The bulk of this tells the story of Newby's first tour in Vietnam as an Army chaplain (Mormon), September 1966 to September 1967, with the 1st Cavalry Division.  He is the chaplain described under the pseudonym "Gerald Kirk" in the book Casualties of War by Daniel Lang, who helped bring to light a rape-murder committed by some soldiers of the 2/8 Cavalry in November 1966.

Claude D. Newby, It Took Heroes, volume II. Bountiful, Utah: Tribute Enterprises, 2000. xii, 320 pp. Covers Newby's second tour in Vietnam, March 1969 to March 1970, serving with the 1/5 Cavalry but also supporting some other units of the 1st Cav.

John J. O'Connor, A Chaplain Looks at Vietnam. New York: World, 1968. xvi, 256 pp. Commander O'Connor was a Navy chaplain who had served in Vietnam. His success in both his careers--he rose in the Navy to become a Rear Admiral and Chief of Chaplains, and in the Catholic Church to become Archbishop of New York, and Cardinal--makes this pro-war analysis especially interesting.

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