Photos by Edwin Moise, May 22, 2005

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is quite spectacular. This is where a north-flowing streatch of the Jin Sha Jiang (River of Golden Sand), which downstream becomes the Chang Jiang (Yangzi, Yangtse) flows through a steep gorge. We walked along a trail that has been cut, obviously with considerabe effort, into the right (east) bank.

My most beautiful photo of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

An exceptionally violent stretch of rapids, and a viewing point on the far side of the river.

The road by which tour buses could reach viewing points on the far side of the river looked as if it had been only quite recently constructed.

A Warning sign.

This one meant that falling rocks tended to land several feet out from the cliff, so people in the danger zones should stay close to the cliff.

The uniformed guards sometimes yelled at people through bullhorns if they were walking too far out from the cliff in the danger zones.

I believe that the snow-covered mountains that looked down on the gorge from the East were the same range (the Heng Duan?) that looked down on Lijiang from the Northwest.

Looking upriver, toward a stretch of the river where the banks are not so precipitous.

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