Photos by Edwin Moise, May 17 and 30, 2005

Modern Shanghai

This technology was new to me. The glass case holds a very clearly printed, high-definition advertising poster. Every few seconds it scrolls, either up or down, to shift to a different poster. I saw quite a few of these on the street in the upscale neighborhood near the Bund in Shanghai, and I saw them in at least one airport. I watched one long enough to find it had three posters in its cycle, and I would guess that was standard, but most I didn't watch for long enough to check the cycle.

Fancy modern buildings.

The building of moderate height in the center, with the odd structures on its top, is the Shanghai Museum.

This technology was new to me. On this sign, over the highway leading to the airport, sections would light up either in green or in red, to indicate traffic conditions on particular sections of the road ahead.

An AIDS awareness poster in the Shanghai International Airport. There were several of these in that airport, but I don't recall seeing similar posters elsewhere in China.

Modern Shanghai: Nanjing Road and Vicinity (this page consists of photos I took in 2002)

Modern Shanghai: Fancy Buildings and Elevated Highways (this page consists of photos I took in 2002)

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