Photos by Edwin Moise, May 17 and 30, 2005

Street Scenes: The Former French Concession

All but two of these photos were taken May 17 while we were walking near the Regal International Hotel, in what used to be the French Concession.

Laundry hung to dry on bamboo poles above the sidewalk.

Looking in the window of a small supermarket.

Bamboo scaffolding for construction or renovation.

Newsstands with displays of magazines like this are common in Chinese cities.

A shop selling woven mats.

The produce looked good.

Bicycle parking areas.

A life-size or near-life-size bronze statue of a young woman talking on a cell phone.

A police car.

The former French Concession appears to have been the only large part of Shanghai where the streets already had plentiful trees before the beautification program that began in the late 1990s. These trees, often called plane trees (though I believe we were told that nomenclature is questionable) had been widely planted during the period of French control.

(photo taken May 30)

(photo taken May 30)

A pleasant, densely planted garden (I put my camera in between the bars of a fence to take this).

Door leading into a courtyard.

Mail delivery slot.

Boxes for milk delivery.

This attractive little park at an intersection was a product of the recent beautification campaign (note the props around the recently transplanted tree).

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