Photos by Edwin Moise, May 18, 2005

Jichang: An Old Han Village (2)

Early in the Ming Dyansty, in the late 14th century, some military units from the area of Nanjing were sent to Guizhou, bringing their families. Their descendants still form a distinct group known as the "Old Han," and preserve some elements of 14th century Nanjing-area culture. We visited the Old Han village of Jichang, a couple of miles from (I think southwest from) the town of Pingba, in Pingba xian, Guizhou.

Two little girls mugging for the camera. The children I encountered all seemed eager to be photographed.

A small shop.

Carrying bags on a shoulder pole.

Carrying a child on a shoulder pole.

Produce for sale on the street.

I am pretty sure these seeds drying on the pavement were rapeseeds (canola oil seeds), but the color doesn't seem quite right. Perhaps drying them in the sun lightens the color?

This looks like a motorcycle converted into a very small truck.

This one looks as if it started as a tractor.

I often saw ears of corn strung up like this for storage, but seldom so many in one place.

A little stupa, which we were told was in Nanjing style.


The school yard.

Street Opera (Old Han village)

Old Han village (1)

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