Photos by Edwin Moise

Views of Lhasa, seen from the Potala, May 26, 2005

Photos start facing approximately southwest, and go around clockwise.

Chakpori Hill (Chagpuri, Chagpori, Iron Hill) was formerly the site of the Tibetan Medical College, which was destroyed in fighting between Tibetans and Chinese in 1959. Now there is a radio facility on the hill.

Chakpori Hill.

Chakpori Hill.

Note the contrast, typical for at least this part of Tibet, between the flatness of the valley in which the city of Lhasa is located, and the steepness of the surrounding mountains.

I believe the road to Gongga airport goes through the valley on the left, following the Lhasa River downstream.

View to the West. Lhasa has only recently expanded to include this area.

Same, zoomed for closer view

Facing north from the Potala.

Same direction, zoomed

Northeast from the Potala

ch055313: East-northeast. If one follows that valley in the distance, one is going upstream along the Lhasa River, toward the Ganden Monastery.

Facing east-southeast, toward the old town of Lhasa.

Facing southeast from the Potala.

Facing south from the Potala. The walled area containing a lot of the more important government and Communist Party offices is on the far side of those trees.

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