Photos by Edwin Moise, May 25-27, 2005

The More Modern, Chinese-Looking Sections of Lhasa

There was a neighborhood in the western part of Lhasa that had a whole bunch of automobile dealerships.

Toyota dealership

Workers laying water lines; if I recall correctly, this was along a major east-west avenue in the southern part of the city, which various maps refer to either as Chingdol Zhong Lu or Middle Jingzhoi Road.

Children in uniform on the athletic field of a school.

Lhasa City Police Headquarters.

South of the Potala, there was a large compound housing government and Communist Party offices. On its south and east sides, where it was bounded by major avenues, it was marked off by an impressive red wall.

The south wall.

A building under construction inside the compound.

Gate near west end of the south wall.

The most impressive gate, in the middle of the south wall.

The writing on the gate indicated that this housed the People's Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, and the Chinese Communist Party Committee of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. You can see just a little bit of the Potala beyond the left side of the gate.

The east wall; you can see the Potala in the background.

If I recall correctly, this was a gate in the east wall of the same compound.

Immediately to the southeast of the compound in the photos above is another, surrounded by a similar wall, belonging to the People's Liberation Army.

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