Photos by Edwin Moise, May 19, 2005

Wangba: A Ge Village

The Ge are officially considered a subgroup of the Miao, but this was not of their choosing. They have tried, unsuccessfully, to win recognition as a completely separate nationality.

Young people in costume came to sing us a greeting at the road, and escort us up the slope from the road to the village.

In the village, young people put on a show for us.

In this area, fodder for draft animals was fastened to trees like this, rather than being put in haystacks on the ground.

Recently transplanted rice.

A few feet of drop between consecutive rice paddies, on a terraced hillside.

A greater drop, where a rice paddy had been carved out of a steeper slope.

Man with plow and water buffalo.

These were also used for pulling plows.

The pig sties were in the level immediately below where we ate and watched the performance.

This was not the only satellite dish I saw in the village.

Roof tiles in decorative patterns.

Most structures in the village had tile roofs, a sign of growing prosperity, but a few thatch roofs could still be seen.

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