Photos by Edwin Moise, May 17-21, 2005


The city of Guiyang (formerly spelled Kweiyang) is the capital of Guizhou (formerly spelled Kweichow) province.

High-rise and medium-height buildings. I belive the spherical objects are water storage tanks; I saw these on top of many medium-height buildings in China.

A park


A high-rise building

Upscale shops on Yan'an Dong Lu, just across the street from the Trade Point Hotel where we stayed.

A stoplight with a display counting down the number of seconds until the light was going to change. This technology was new to me, but a friend said it has started to appear in some U.S. cities.

A back-alley market, which stretched a considerable distance, near the hotel.

Those wanting to prepare exotic dishes might shop at this stall in the market shown above.

I believe these are eels.


A men's clothing store called "Pearlboy," with rabbit logo.

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