Photos by Edwin Moise, May 20, 2005

Countryside north of Kaili, in Guizhou Province

Odd-looking structures just outside Kaili, beside the road leading north toward Leishan.

A farmer spraying some chemical, I presume an insecticide, in a field (this photo was taken somewhat farther along the road that leads north from Kaili to Leishan). This may have been the only time I saw pesticide being sprayed; I am not sure.

All the remaining photos in this section were taken along the road that runs upriver from Leishan to Datang.

A steep hill terraced for farming.

These people were uprooting young rice plants, to transplant them to another field.

Transplanting team working its way across a flooded field. The bundles of rice seedings for transplanting are visible in the section of the field on the left, which the team has not yet reached.

There were a fair number of water wheels like this, used for lifting water from the river to the level of the rice fields. On the lower right are rice plants that had just been transplanted.

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