Edwin Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 27, 2002

The Yangzi River (Yangtse, Chang Jiang)

These photos were taken between Chongqing and Fengdu, well upstream from the Three Gorges.

A large tug pushing a group of barges.

Same, zoomed in for closer view.

Not many boats travel the river at night. One reason is rocks like these.

A fair sized boat loaded with what is probably coal. I think the building on the hillside is a watch post of the agency that monitors river traffic.

It could just have been major renovations to existing boats, but I am pretty sure cargo boats were actually being built on the riverbank. Note the satellite dishes on the roof of the building above them. The blue-and-white vessel in the foreground is designed primarily for carrying passengers.

Same, zoomed in for more detail.

Another boat apparently under construction, a considerable distance downstream from the last.

A suspension bridge across the Yangzi.

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