Edwin Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 27, 2002

The Banks of the Yangzi (Yangtse, Chang Jiang)

All but the last of these photos were taken between Chongqing and Fengdu, well upstream from the Three Gorges.

Farmers grow corn on some fairly steep slopes.

Decrepit-looking building. I suspect, though I am not sure, that this one has been abandoned because it is about to be inundated by the Three Gorges Dam.

A cargo boat unloading bulk cargo--probably sand or gravel for construction--to a truck on the riverbank.

Cultivated land and scattered houses.

A town with some industry, and riverboats loading or unloading.

These buildings close to the river are being demolished, because they will be under water when the reservoir behind the Three Gorges Dam fills. If left standing, they would become underwater hazards. At the top of the slope are new structures that have been built to replace the old ones.

Same, zoomed in for a clearer view of the buildings being demolished.

Cranes for loading and unloading heavy cargo.

This storage and transshipment point for coal was some distance downstream from Fengdu, but still upstream from the Three Gorges. It streched a long way along the river; there was much more to it than just the section that shows in this photo.

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