Edwin and Rebecca Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 24-26, 2002

Xi'an City Wall, and Vicinity

The Xi'an city wall has been renovated, and has become a tourist attraction. These photos were taken at and near the South Gate, where the north-south street that is Nandajie immediately inside (north of) the wall, Nanguan Zhengjie immediately outside it, and Changan Lu farther south, passes through the wall.

A large tower that is part of the gate complex:

The outer side of the wall, with the street passing through the gate at bottom right:

The outer side of the wall; moat at right:

Same, zoomed to show workers renovating a small tower:

Parks have been created along the moat outside the wall:

Fancy modern buildings not far outside the wall; note construction cranes in distance on right:

A side street just inside the wall. On right, a large commercial establishment, approaching completion:

Clearer view, the large establishment under construction just inside the gate:

The gate, seen from street level:

Traffic on Nandajie, just inside the wall:

Advertising on buildings, inside the wall:

Traffic on side street, just inside the wall:

Roofs of not-so-fancy buildings, just inside the wall:

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