Edwin and Rebecca Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 20-31, 2002

The Great Wall

I. Great Wall at Badaling

A section of the Great Wall has been renovated and opened as a tourist attraction at Badaling, close enough to Beijing so the drive is not unreasonable.

This is the side of the wall that faced north, toward potential enemies.

On the side of the wall that faced north, toward potential enemies (on the left side in this photo), the troops manning the top of the wall had protection reaching above head height, with gaps through which they could shoot at attacking enemies. On the side facing toward friendly territory (to the right), this was unnecessary.

There is a display of ancient cannon also at this site.

The complex of shops and booths, selling souveniers to the tourists (both Chinese and foreign) attracted to the Great Wall at Badaling, is quite extensive.

II. Great Wall at Juyongguan

I believe this is the section of the Great Wall at Juyongguan, southeast of Badaling, also renovated and open to tourists. We drove past it, without stopping, on the road north to Badaling.

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