Edwin Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 2002

Modern Shanghai: Nanjing Road and Vicinity

Nanjing Road, with its eastern end at the Bund (the waterfront along the Huangpu River) was famous for its modern stores before the Revolution. It has recently undergone a dramatic rebirth, and is once again a center for upscale shopping. About 1.6 kilometers west of the Bund, where it crosses Xizang Road, with People's Park on the southwest side of the intersection, there is a large circular elevated walkway, which serves both as a pedestrian overpass and as an observation platform.

Facing south along Xizang. The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is visible to the right.

Facing east along Nanjing Road toward the Bund.

Same, but zoomed to show more distant objects, including two McDonald's Restaurants about a block apart.

For the first few blocks east from the intersection of Xizang, vehicles are excluded from Nanjing Road; it has become a pedestrian mall.

Billboards along Nanjing Road.

Stores along Nanjing Road, including both McDonald's and KFC.

A department store.

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The eastern end of Nanjing Road, seen from on top of the Bund. Notice the huge number of Pepsi symbols along this section of the road. We were told that there had been a similar advertising push by some other company the previous year. It was still Pepsi (or perhaps again Pepsi) in 2005.

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