Edwin Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 2002

The Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum is a large modern building in People's Square, a little to the south of Nanjing Road, about a mile west of the Bund. Its collections are very impressive.

Tang Dynasty official, glazed pottery.

Close-up, same official. He looks as if he enjoys ruling more than those under him are likely to enjoy that situation.

Another Tang official.

Mythical beast, Tang Dynasty.

If I recall correctly, the label said this magnificent bronze drum dated from the 5th or 6th century a.d. Ancient bronze drums resembling this pretty closely, even to the little frog-like figures on the rim, have been found in southern China, Vietnam, and I believe in some other parts of Southeast Asia.

Same bronze drum, in larger scale to show more detail.

[I saw a bronze drum recognizably similar to the one above, with a similar sunburst in the center but not the animal figures around the rim, still in use in the Miao community of Datang, Guizhou province, in 2005: front view, side view.]

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