Edwin and Rebecca Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 22, 2002

The Sacred Way (Ming Tombs)

This is the traditional road leading to the tombs of the Ming Dyansty emperors. The tomb complex is in a valley a considerable distance from Beijing. The road is near the middle of the valley; the tombs are in, or at least closer to, the hills that border the valley.

The gate at the beginning of the section of the Sacred Way that has been renovated as a tourist attraction.

View along the length of the Sacred Way.

Statues along the sides of the Sacred Way.

Rebecca with a friendly-looking creature.


Closer view of top of pillar, with auspicious cloud projecting to sides.

Closer view of top of pillar, with a hou (a guardian animal) on top.

A tortoise-like beast, with a stele on its back with a long inscription.

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