Edwin Moise

Photos Taken in China, July 29, 2002

Jingzhou (1)

Jingzhou, a city of moderate size, in Hubei province on the road from Yichang to Wuhan, has been significantly touched by the outside world, but not as extensively as the major cities. The guide who was in charge of our tour group had been considering just taking the group through it without stopping, until a local guide assured him that yes, there was one restaurant in Jingzhou which would be a suitable place to take a group of American tourists.

Street and buildings; note the small two-wheeled cart pulled by a small tractor.

Street and buildings.

A major intersection, with widely assorted traffic: modern vans, a motor scooter, bicycles, pedaled three-wheelers, and a large two-wheeled cart, carrying what looks like a very heavy load of bricks, pulled by a tractor.

Street with what look like closed shop-fronts.

Aging buildings.

Aging buildings.

Modern buildings, and a public park.

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