Edwin Moise

Los Islotes

Photos Taken July 8, 2005

Los Islotes are two islands, one small and one very small, in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) just north of Isla Partida (an island much larger than Los Islotes). The sides are mostly vertical cliffs, but there are some rocks near water level that provide homes for sea lions.

The larger of Los Islotes

The larger of Los Islotes is on the left; the smaller is barely visible on the right. Considerable numbers of sea lions live on the rocks between.

The smaller of Los Islotes; zodiac on left gives sense of scale.

Closer view of the hole cutting through the smaller island

Brown Booby on cliff

Turkey Vultures

Sea Lions

Large male sea lion, with females behind him. In the background is our ship, the Sea Voyager. In the more distant background is Isla Partida.

Female sea lion, who had climbed to a spot where I would not have expected to find her.

Two male sea lions

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