Edwin Moise

Isla San Pedro Martir

Photos Taken July 3, 2005

Isla San Pedro Martir is a small island fairly far north in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). We did not land on the island, but cruised around it in zodiacs, looking at the sea birds and sea lions. Vertical or nearly vertical cliffs rise from the sea around much of the circumference of the island.

Sea lion

Sea lion sleeping on rocks

Juvenile pelicans

Juvenile pelican

Two gulls: juvenile (dark plumage) to left, adult to right.

Adult gull on left, juvenile on right

Brown booby. The rocks are heavily coated with Guano.

A brown booby chick that had fallen from its nest higher up on the rocks, but that seemed in good shape. Apparently its parents were continuing to feed it in its new location.

Same brown booby chick. The crabs are Sally Lightfoots, very common on the rocky islands of the Gulf of California.

Juvenile brown booby

Mother sea lion with pup

Rock wall built by guano collectors

Isla San Pedro Martir: Additional (less interesting) Photos (1)

Isla San Pedro Martir: Additional (less interesting) Photos (2)

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