New Locations for Edwin Moïse's Web Pages

A reorganization of Clemson University's web system has forced me to move all my web pages to new locations.

The new locations of the most important of my pages are:

Bibliography of the Vietnam War

Bibliography of the Iraq Wars

Writing a Term Paper in Military History

Photos Taken in China, 2002 and 2005

Photos Taken in Vietnam, 1986 and 1989

Photos Taken by Robert D. Jester, 5th Special Forces Group, Vietnam, 1964-1966

Edwin Moïse: Home Page

Vita (summary version)

Vita (longer version)

I, Edwin Moise, am the sole proprietor of this web page. I don't see anything on it that looks like an opinion, but if there were any opinions, they would not necessarily be the opinions of Clemson University.

Last revised September 14, 2015.