Vietnam War Bibliography:

The Naval War

David L. Altheide and John M. Johnson, "Bureaucratic Propaganda: The Case of Battle Efficiency Reports", in Robert Jackall, ed., Propaganda (New York: New York University Press, 1995), pp. 229-328(?). Procedure by which reports of naval gunfire support missions by a US destroyer in Vietnam were "gundecked".

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John Fass Morton, Mustin: A Naval Family of the 20th Century. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2003. Lloyd Mustin, Hank Mustin, and Tom Mustin (see below) were involved in one way or another were the Vietnam War.

Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute. This monthly magazine, nominally private, is for practical purposes the professional journal of the U.S. Navy's officer corps.
Call number in Clemson University Library: V1 .U8

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Marvin Truhe, Against All Tides: The Untold Story of the USS Kitty Hawk Race Riot. Chicago Review Press, 2022 (forthcoming). Truhe was a JAG lawyer involved in the defense of black sailors court martialed after the 1972 race riot on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (see also above under Freeman).

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Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, On Watch. New York: Quadrangle/New York Times Books, 1976. xv, 568 pp. Admiral Zumwalt was Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam, from 1968 to 1970, and Chief of Naval Operations 1970 to 1974. (See also under Berman above, and Cullen below.)

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt [Chief of Naval Operations] and Admiral Thomas Moorer [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff], secure voice calls. Memoranda for the record, summarizing several of the conversations between these admirals, have been placed online in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University:


Navy Documents

Captain Joseph B. Drachnik was Chief of the Navy Section, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam (chief adviser to the Vietnamese Navy, with responsibility also for the advisers to the Vietnamese Marine Corps), from December 1961 to January 1964. The Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University has begun to place online, in the Joseph Drachnik Collection, some documents from his files. I don't know how large this body of material will eventually become, but I am optimistic. The following is a partial list of the items placed online so far:

U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam, Monthly Historical Summary. The first month of publication under this title seems to have been April 1966, the month in which U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam, was formally established. There may have been a predecessor title beginning in 1965. Early issues were made up of numerous sub-sections paginated separately; later there was a gradual shift toward continuous page numbering. The Monthly Historical Summary became the Quarterly Historical Summary as of the first quarter of 1972. Please note that U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam, was a command in and for South Vietnam; it did not control naval operations against North Vietnam, or even the aircraft carriers off the coast conducting air strikes against targets in South Vietnam.
      The whole series, from 1965 to 1973, is to be published on CD-ROM by Carr's Compendiums, but so far as I know the date of publication has not yet been set. A near-complete set has been placed online in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in the collection "United States Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Summaries, 1966-1972, 1973". A near-complete set has also been placed online by the Operational Archives of the U.S. Navy's Naval Historical Center. If you have a slow Internet connection, you may be better off using the collection at Texas Tech, which has broken up long reports into chunks. The Navy site has each monthly report as one large (sometimes over 40MB) .pdf file, which may be slow to download. In the listing that follows, if the date is highlighted for the link, the link goes to the version on the Navy web site. If the date is in black text and the link follows it, the link is to Texas Tech.

 U.S. Seventh Fleet News Releases. San Francisco: Seventh Fleet Public Affairs Office. Even the very short news releases--the monthly summaries I have seen have only about two pages of actual text--contain some useful information, such as lists of which ships had provided naval gunfire support during the month, and which carriers had flown air strikes.

Each month during the middle portion of the war, the Navy's Operational Archives Branch produced a fairly detailed summary of U.S. Navy activities in Vietnam for the month.  The reports for a few months in 1966 have been placed, declassified, on a Navy web site, United States Naval Operations Vietnam, Highlights, and it is hoped that more will be soon.

"Report of Night Action of DESOTO PATROL." 20 Dec 1967. After-action report, originally dated 22 September 1964, on the Tonkin Gulf incident of 18-19 September 1964, in which the destroyers Morton and Edwards believed they were under PT boat attack off the coast of North Vietnam. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

Rear Admiral H.L. Miller, "History of Task Force 77, 2 September 1964-17 March 1965." The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University, in two parts: front matter, Enclosure 1 (narrative history), Enclosure 2 (chronologies), Enclosure 3 (operations against North Vietnam--mostly Flaming Dart but there are a few paragraphs on the very beginning of Rolling Thunder), Enclosure 4 (the header says this is about Yankee Team, but in fact the first 16 pages are further details about Flaming Dart and Rolling Thunder; pp. 17-21 are Yankee Team); and a single page of Enclosure 5 (Barrel Roll),   Enclosure 5 (Barrel Roll), pp. 2-34.

"Narrative '1968' History of the USS New Jersey BB-62." ii, 80 pp. Online in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University, in two parts: Front matter and pp. 1-39, pp. 41-80.

An unidentified document (I am not even sure it is from the U.S. Navy) giving relatively detailed descriptions of the various port facilities in South Vietnam, as of September 1969 has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

"Carrier Deployments During the Vietnam Conflict." Naval Aviation History Branch, Naval Historical Center, 2003. Gives overall beginning and end dates of deployments, and within those spans, the dates of port visits. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

"Order of Battle for Carrier Forces in WestPac/Vietnam (1964-1975)." Gives deployment dates, and the squadron number and aircraft type for each squadron aboard each carrier. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

Navy Helicopter Unit Documents


Riverine Warfare

Lt. Col. John W. Baker, USA, and Lt Col. Lee C. Dickson, USA, "Army Forces in Riverine Operations" Military Review, August 1967 (vol. XLVII, no. 8), pp. 64-74.

Mickey Block and William Kimball, Before the Dawn. Canton, OH: Daring Books. Paperback New York: Pocket Books, 1989. Both the front and back covers of the paperback say that Block was a Navy SEAL, but he was never in fact a SEAL, nor does the text of the book really claim he was. He was in Special Boat Unit 524, a PBR unit based at Sa Dec, 1968 to 1969.

Douglas M. Branson, Three Tastes of Nuoc Mam: The Brown Water Navy & Visits to Vietnam. Ashland, OR: Hellgate Press, 2012. 312 pp. Roughly the first third of this book deals with Branson's service as a junior officer in the Brown Water Navy, 1966-67.

Douglas Brinkley, Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War. New York: Morrow, 2004. 546 pp. Pages 129-328 cover Kerry's November 1968 to March 1969 tour in Vietnam. He commanded PCFs (Swift boats), initially with Coastal Squadron 1, Coastal Division 14, at Cam Ranh Bay; later Task Force 115; then Coastal Division 11 and Coastal Division 13. After his return to the United States, he became a leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). The book is primarily devoted to Kerry's actions during the years of the war; only a brief section at the end (pp. 427-457) deals with events after the Paris Agreements of 1972, including the initial stages of his 2004 presidential campaign. For Kerry's postwar career, see the biography by Michael Kranish, Brian C. Mooney, and Nina J. Easton (below).

SMC Jimmy R. Bryant, USN, Man of the River: Memoir of a Brown Water Sailor in Vietnam, 1968-1969. Fredericksburg, VA: Sergeant Kirkland's Press, 1998. 195 pp. Bryant served with the PBRs of River Division 591, Task Force 116 (River Patrol Force, Operation GAME WARDEN), from October 1968 until he was badly injured in an accident.

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Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., with David Chanoff, Line of Fire: From Washington to the Gulf, the Politics and Battles of the New Military. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. 367 pp. of which pp. 75-85 are devoted to Crowe's tour in 1970 (probably stretching into 1971) as an adviser to RVN riverine forces in the Mekong Delta.

Leslie Julian Cullen, "Brown Water Admiral: Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. and United States Naval Forces, Vietnam, 1968-1970." Ph.D. dissertation, History, Texas Tech University, 1998. 351 pp. DA 9826449.

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Thomas J. Cutler, ed., The U.S. Naval Institute on Vietnam: Coastal and Riverine Warfare. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2016. xiii, 167 pp. Mostly items originally published in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings.

Dan Daly, White Water, Red Hot Lead: On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam. Casemate, 2017. 360 pp.

Victory Daniels and Judith C. Erdheim, Game Warden. Arlington, VA: Center for Naval Analyses, 1976. iii, 42 pp., plus about 60 pp. of appendices. Appendix A has a lot of detail about Communist logistics, including munitions arrivals at Sihanoukville. Appendix B gives maps of Communist base areas in South Vietnam at various dates in the mid 1960s. Appendix I is a 14-page Chronology covering the years 1965-1968. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University, in three parts: Front matter and main text,   Appendices A-E, and   Appendices F-I.

R. Blake Dunnavent, Brown Water Warfare: The U.S. Navy in Riverine Warfare and the Emergence of a Tactical Doctrine, 1775-1970. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2003. xviii, 185 pp.

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Barry Gregory, Vietnam Coastal and Riverine Forces Handbook.  Northamptonshire, England: P. Stephens/New York: Sterling, 1988. 135 pp.

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Michael Harris, "Interview with Michael Harris." Oral history interview, conducted by Stephen Maxner, August 22, 2000. 42 pp. Harris arrived in Vietnam in 1968 and was assigned to an armored troop carrier, Tango 152-1 (Boat 1, Division 152, River Assault Squadron 15, Task Force 117). The text is copyright by, and has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of, the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

USS Harnett County (LST-821), operations report and lessons learned for 1968. A PBR/helo support LST, involved in Operation Game Warden, and toward the end of the year, Operation Giant Slingshot. The text has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

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LCDR William C. McQuilkin, "Operation SEALORDS: A Front in a Frontless War, an Analysis of the Brown-Water Navy in Vietnam." Master's thesis, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1997. vii, 86 pp. The text has been placed online by STINET.

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W. C. Wells, "The Riverine Force in Action, 1966–1967," United States Naval Institute Preceedings, May 1969.

Thomas J. Wonsiewicz, Reflections on Serving in Vietnam, 1969-1970. CreateSpace, 2017. 96 pp. Wonsiewicz, an Army lieutenant, served in Vietnam from May 1969 to May 1970 in the 458th Transportation Company—Patrol Boat River (PBR), attached to the 92nd MP Battalion, based at Vung Tau.


Some documents from riverine units can be found both under Navy Documents (immediately above) and under Tet and the Battle of Khe Sanh.

For an Army unit serving in the Mobile Riverine Force, see Andrew Wiest in U.S. Soldiers on the Ground.


Riverine and Naval Aspects of the First Indochina War

The Naval Air War

U.S. Navy SEALs

U.S. Navy Publications

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