Vietnam War Bibliography:

Communist Intelligence Organizations

Colonel Dinh Thi Van, I Engaged in Intelligence Work. Hanoi: The Gioi Publishers, 2006. 252 pp. Vietnamese original Toi di lam tinh bao: hoi ky. Hanoi: NXB Quan Doi Nhan Dan, 1988. 253 pp. Dinh Thi Van was trained as an intelligence agent and sent south probably in the mid 1950s. She was arrested once by RVN authorities, but managed to talk her way out. The main focus of the book is on the period up to 1968, although I believe she continued working as an agent until 1975. [See also biography by Khanh Van, below.]

Ha Binh Nhuong, Magnificant Camouflage: Stories of Secret Agents in the Saigon Administration. Hanoi: The Gioi, 2008. 321 pp. I believe the Vietnamese original was titled Vo boc nhiem mau. I suspect the book is significantly fictionalized.

Han Song Thanh, Chan dung mot nha tinh bao: truyen dai. TP Ho Chi Minh: Nha Xuat Ban Van Nghe TP Ho Chi Minh, 1999. 559 pp. The life of an intelligence officer named Dao Phuc Loc, who died in 1969.

Huu Mai, Ong co van: ho so mot diep vien, 2 vols. Hanoi: NXB Quan doi nhan dan, 1988, 1989. 367, 286 pp. A somewhat fictionalized account of the career of Vu Ngoc Nha, a Communist agent who was a senior adviser to RVN President Nguyen Van Thieu until his exposure and arrest in 1969.

Khanh Van, Nu anh hung tinh bao. TP Ho Chi Minh: Nha Xuat Ban TP Ho Chi Minh, 1995. 416 pp. The life of a female intelligence officer named Dinh Thi Van [see above], who served in South Vietnam througout the war.

Nguyen Tai, Doi mat voi CIA My (Face to Face with the American CIA). Hanoi: Writers Association Publishing House, 1999. Memoir by the most senior Communist underground agent to be captured during the war (see also below under Pribbenow).

Pham Xuan An was an important Communist intelligence agent who worked as a reporter first for Reuters, later for Time Magazine. Works about him include:

Pham Tuong Han, Anh hung Pham Ngoc Thao, tieu thuyet ky su. Hanoi: NXB Cong An Nhan Dan, 2001. 177 pp.

Merle L. Pribbenow, "The Man in the Snow White Cell," Studies in Intelligence, 48:1 (2004), pp. 59-69. Nguyen Tai, a very senior DRV intelligence and security officer, was sent south in 1964 and operated for several years in Saigon and the Mekong Delta, responsible for assassinations among other things. He was captured in December 1970. He defeated his interrogators; neither Vietnamese interrogators (who used severe torture) not Americans (who did not) were able to extract his most important secrets. (see also his memoir, above.)

Merle Pribbenow, The Soviet-Vietnamese Intelligence Relationship during the Vietnam War, CWIHP Working Paper #73. Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center, 2014. 17 pp.

Sandra C. Taylor, "Long-Haired women, short-haired spies: Gender, espionage, and America's war in Vietnam", Intelligence and National Security 13:2 (1998), pp. 61–70.

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