Vietnam War Bibliography:

Airborne and Airmobile

Roger Ables, "Bitter Fighting in Quang Tin: Operation Lamar Plain." VVA Veteran, 29:5 (September/October 2009), pp. 31-33. In May 1969, the 101st Airborne sent reinforcements to help the 23d Infantry Division cope with an offensive by elements of the 2d PAVN Division in the coastal areas of eastern Quang Tin province. The operation lasted into August; the fighting was quite bloody. Ables also hopes to publish a book on this, tentatively titled Under an Asian Sun: Screaming Eagles and Operation Lamar Plain, Vietnam 1969.

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Jerry Autry, Gun-totin' Chaplain: A True Memoir. Airborne Press, 2006. 301 pp. Autry served as a chaplain with the 101st Airborne Division, 1968-69.

Charles Baker, Gray Horse Troop: Forever Soldiers. Powder River Publications, 2013. 375 pp. Baker arrived in Vietnam in July 1967 as a captain, and served with the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division. Most of this book deals with the period from January 1968 onward, when as a major he was operations officer of the 5/7 Cavalry. During the Tet Offensive, the 5/7 was one of the units sent toward Hue from the north. Later the unit participated in the relief of Khe Sanh, and then was sent into the A Shau Vally as part of Operation Delaware.

Annette Bird & Tim Prouty, So Proudly He Served: The Sam Bird Story. Wichita, Kansas: Okarche Books, 1993. viii, 412 pp. Sam Bird served in the First Cav approximately Jan 1966 to Jan 1967.

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Matthew Brennan, Brennan's War: Vietnam 1965-1969. Novato, CA: Presidio, 1985. vii, 275 pp. Memoir by a man who joined was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at the end of 1965; he joined C Troop in the division's reconnaissance squadron (the 1/9 Cavalry) late in 1966. A good look at the way the best American regular units operated. (See Christopher and Flanagan, below, for other accounts of the 1/9 Cavalry).

Matthew Brennan, Flashing Saber: Three Years in Vietnam. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2016. 416 pp. Looks like a substantially re-written and expanded version of Brennan's War.

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Jacques-François de Chaunac, Cavalerie américaine au Vietnam: la First Cav. Paris: Presses de la Cité, 1993. 347 pp. English translation The American Cavalry in Vietnam: "First Cav." Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing, 2003. 312 pp.

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Micheal Clodfelter, Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 1988. xi, 235 pp. pb New York: Zebra Books, 1989. 381 pp. Clodfelter arrived in Vietnam in late July 1965 with the 2/320 Airborne Artillery, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne. After taking a six-month extension on his tour, he transferred in August 1966 to C Company, 2/502 Airborne Infantry. By the time he left in January 1967 for hospitalization for a bad punji stake wound, he was a sergeant E-5.

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J. D. Coleman, Incursion. New York: St. Martin's, 1991. This book is both broader and narrower than is suggested by the title, which refers to the attack on the Cambodian sanctuaries, May 1970. Coleman, who was an information officer with the 1st Cavalry from April 1969 to April 1970, concentrates on the 1st Cavalry, which was only one of the forces involved in the incursion. But he also runs the 1st Cavalry's story back to 1968 instead of concentrating on events of 1970.

Al Conetto, The Hump: The 1st Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry, in the First Major Battle of the Vietnam War. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2015. 216 pp. Operation Hump put a battaion of the 173d Airborne Brigade into bloody combat November 5-8, 1965, about twenty kilometers northeast of Bien Hoa, on the edge of War Zone D. Conetto commanded a rifle platoon in A Company, 1/503d Infantry.

John R. Deane Jr., Lessons in Leadership: My Life in the US Army from World War II to Vietnam. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2018. 304 pp. I have not seen the book, but the section covering the period Deane commanded the 173d Airborne Brigade in vietnam, from December 1966 to August 1967, does not get a separate chapter, so it presumably is not very long.

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Mallon Faircloth, Behind the Names: The Story of An Ninh, The First Major Battle of Our War in Vietnam. Brentwood Academic Press, 2004. 77 pp. The battle of September 18-19, 1965, about 30 kilometers west of An Khe, in which the 2/502 Infantry and an RVN ranger company fought elements of the 2d PLAF Regiment.

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Garry Farrington, Killing for Peace: Living, Fighting, and Dying in Vietnam. Amazon Digitial Services, 2012. Lieutenant Farrington arrived in Vietnam in October 1968, and was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. So far as I am aware, this book has been published only on Kindle.

Charles Gadd, Line Doggie: Foot Soldier in Vietnam. Novato, CA: Presidio, 1987. Gadd served a one-year tour with the 101st Airborne Division (1/501 Bn) starting in December 1967.

General John R. Galvin, Fighting the Cold War: A Soldier's Memoir. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2015. pp. 126-57 cover Galvin's first Vietnam tour, beginning July 1966. He spent a bit more than a month as operations officer of the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, then a couple of months in a staff job in Saigon, then in December 1966 went to the 1st Cavalry Division in Binh Dinh, working in the G3 plans section. He arrived for his second tour (pp. 175-216) in November 1969, again assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, initially as the division intelligence officer, then took command the 1/8 Cavalry in early May 1970. Parts of the battalion had already crossed into Cambodia as part of the Cambodian incursion.

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Benjamin L. Harrison, Hell on a Hill Top: America's Last Major Battle in Vietnam. Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, 2004. xix, 277 pp. The battle for Firebase Ripcord, abandoned by elements of the 101st Airborne Division (mainly the 2/506 Infantry) on July 23, 1970. Harrison commanded the 3d Brigade of the 101st. While researching this book, he visited Vietnam and interviewed PAVN Major General Chu Phuong Doi, who had commanded the PAVN 324B Division in the attack on Ripcord.

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David S. Holland, Vietnam, a Memoir: Airborne Trooper. New York and Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, 2005. 247 pp. Lt. Holland (see also under U.S. Soldiers on the Ground for other portions of his service in Vietnam) commanded a platoon in the 173d Airborne Brigade, September 1967 to January 1968, including the Battle of Dak To.

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John D. Howard, First In Last Out: An American Paratrooper in Vietnam with the 101st and the Vietnamese Airborne. Guilford, CT: Stackpole, 2017. xii, 252 pp. Howard graduated from West Point in 1964. He served in Vietnam 1965-66 in the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. He was part of an advance party sent I think in June 1965 to observe operations, initially Australian troops going into War Zone D, then Marines in I Corps. After his brigade arrived in late July, he commanded 3d Platoon, A Company, 1/327 Infantry. He returned for a second tour in May 1972 as senior adviser to the 6th Airborne Battalion, an elite ARVN unit.

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Kregg P.J. Jorgenson, MIA Rescue: LRRP Manhunt in the Jungle. Jorgenson, as a member of a 1st Air Cavalry Blue Team, participated in the rescue of survivors of LRRP team 5-2, which had suffered severe casualties encountering PAVN forces in Cambodia June 17, 1970.

General George Joulwan, with David Chanoff, Watchman at the Gates: A Soldier's Journey from Berlin to Bosnia. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2021. x, 258 pp. Joulwan's has only a very brief dicussion (pp. 65-73) of his second Vietnam tour, with the 101st Airborne Division, which was pulling out of Vietnam while he was there. He began by spending a month restoring morale and discipline in the 2/237 Infantry, which was in a state of near-collapse.

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Lt. Col. Lloyd J. Picou, USA, "Operation Steel Horse" Military Review, October 1967 (vol. XLVII, no. 10), pp. 48-53. Artillery raids by the 1st Cavalry Division, in which typically four guns (usually 105mm moved by air, sometimes 155mm or 157mm guns moved by ground) would move to a temporary firing position within range of a target. Not enirely clear; p. 49 suggests the typical operation was over in an hour, but p. 53 says that most lasted about eight hours. It also is unclear how aerial rocket artillery fit into the concept.

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Unit Reports

The Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University has placed online a considerable variety of reports from airborne and airmobile units. A sample of the sorts of materials in this collection includes:

LRRPs in the Airborne


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